Of the 50 services Livadas Consulting offers, Web Design is the most peer-endorsed on LinkedIn. Our successful results have not been entirely our own doing. Key victories have been the result of collaborations with progressive businesses and agencies.
A comparison could be made to European explorers who were able to find and connect new trade routes from support of crews and sponsors.

Nik Livadas has been navigating hyperlinks for fun since the 1990’s, professionally since 2001, and formally as Livadas Consulting since 2004. Livadas has clocked far more than 10,000 hours on over 1,000 digital projects while sailing the 7 Seas of Web Design:

  1. Basic Brochure Websites
  2. Blogs
  3. eCommerce Websites
  4. Landing Pages & Microsites
  5. Content & Learning Management Systems
  6. Mobile & Responsive Websites
  7. Web Application Design

On the tempestuous nature of Web Design, Nik said:

“At times it seems the waters are over-crowded with Web Designers and you’re amazed to see you’re one of the few with your sails full. There was one week we happened to be working on the homepages for two of the top competitors in the international
travel industry.”

Custom Web Design


Our time professionally designing webpages in Rochester, NY has been divided 50/50 between custom new websites and working with skins and templates. Custom work is liberating and exciting, but requires more time for testing.

Skins, Themes, and Templates

Skins, Themes, Templates

Quality assured skins, themes, and site templates are a cost-effective way of getting going quickly. Templates are previewed like shiny model homes. Once you purchase it, you realize you just bought an unfinished shell. It takes a professional web design
team to get you comfortable in your new home page. Livadas Consulting knows what to look for when selecting a website template, and would like to work with your business on the process of web design and production. We even work with professional photographers
to help populate the site with content.

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