Winning with
the Best!

The pledge at Wegmans Food Markets is “Every day you get our best.”
For almost 20 years, Wegmans has been ranked by Fortune Magazine as one of the “Top 100 Companies to Work For.” That fact might explain why Weggies recently ranked #1 on the Consumer Report‘s list of “Best Supermarkets in America.”

Wegmans has a long-standing cult-like regional following and are rapidly expanding best in class supermarkets across the East Coast. They even inspired a High School Musical!

They’ve managed to accomplish all of this through raising the bar across multiple categories and prioritizing customer service first. on iMacTo this end, they place a high value on technology and connecting with shoppers. When it comes to tech, they’re not stuck in the frozen isle.

For example, if you mention anything related to your Wegmans experience on Twitter, you’re sure to get a rapid response. This could account for their 50K+ tweets so far!

The Wegmans team is continually improving their Shopping app and are among the world’s first companies to adopt Apple Pay.

Livadas had the pleasure to work on and offsite with Wegmans on many of their microsites and corporate website between 2004-2011. In collaboration with Wegmans’ web marketing team and 2 local web firms, Livadas helped design and develop:

  • Microsites to announce new store openings in Maryland, DC, and Virginia
  • Animated display ads appearing on (2004)
  • “Past Purchases” redesign and development
  • Store Chooser and Login UX and development
  • A custom website for their new restaurant, Next Door Bar and Grill
  • Email (eBlast) – design and development
  • Online Shopping List design and development including print and mobile-specific CSS
  • – a cooking video website that connected viewers with Wegmans’ techniques, recipes, ingredients, coupons, and stores

RBJ 2011 Best OverallAfter years of working with ‘Weggies’, Rochester’s business community took notice of all the online progress. In 2011 Wegmans received the first place Overall-Gold award at the Rochester Business Journal Best of the Web Competition.

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