Livadas took the stage with the StormFrog interactive team to accept the judge’s praise at the 2011 Rochester Addys.

addy glory!
Scion tC
addy glory!

The Challenge

The award winning Toyota Scion Unlock the tC campaign began with a high-level requirements from our Agency Partner, Haley Miranda.

Scion was on a mission to develop an online promotion, and provided a few bullets on what our proposed concept must include should we accept the challenge:

  • Create a new microsite/racing game that would appeal to the fast and furious.
  • The contest must be connected to Facebook in a way that was authentic.
  • Players would be rewarded for playing multiple times, every day for 8 weeks.
  • There would be random daily prizes.
  • The achievement-based grand prize would be a new car, a Scion tC!

About the creative bidding process, Livadas said:

“I can remember other senior managers at StormFrog wanting to pass on this challenging RFQ because it meant pitching against larger specialists in NYC and LA. I was familiar with the import-tuning sub-culture and had created a car-customizer app in the past for a Suzuki forum I belonged to. I convinced them to let my Interactive Team here in Rochester brainstorm and deliver the winning concept.”

Livadas and his team at StormFrog worked hard to meet legally-binding project deadlines. We implemented agency creative, developed a sweeps engine, authenticated with the Facebook API, monitored social media, created several mini-games, and even prevented players from cheating!

The Goal

Unlock the tC – a multi-stage road trip game where the user has to complete several challenges over the course of 8 weeks. The three top-scoring users were then invited to Los Angeles to compete for the grand prize. The website was heavily integrated with Facebook to provide engagement between the player and his friends, amping up the level of competitiveness, and generating some serious word of mouth.

Finish Line

Launched 2011 through social media and word of mouth efforts. Retention rate exceeded expectations. Over 94% avg. stage-to-stage retention rate. Total retention through the end of stage 8 exceeded 90%. Returning visitors spent more than 5 min. on the site.

ADDY Judge Praise

“I’m sure it will be a shock to some that something interactive took Best of Show. But categories are agnostic things — they’re just different canvases. An idea is an idea. And a winning idea is a winning idea.”

Mike Rovner — ‎Creative Director at BFG Communicationss, NYC

“Every single part had a strategy. And each component was executed extremely well. It just shows where marketing is going in the future.”

John Topacio — Chicago-based senior copywriter specializing in the digital and traditional ad spaces.

“It stayed simple, easy to navigate, fun to play with, engaging, held your attention, and it’s something you’d pass along to your friends because your experience was solid.”

Mark Bazil — Professor, Savannah College of Art and Design


Haley Miranda has a great Case Study for Scion.

Toyota’s National Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager, Kimberley Gardiner gives presentations on how to leverage social media to build brand advocacy.

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