Mr. Blue Skies

Having roughly 200 offices in 90 countries, J. Walter Thompson is one of largest advertising agencies in the world. JWT made national headlines with their client jetBlue in 2008 with the success of their popular Happy Jetting ad campaign.
HappyJettingThe initial production of the website was turbulent to say the least. The NYC dev team that took off with it, ejected soon after they realized the altitude of technical hurdles. Livadas and the interactive team at StormFrog in Rochester took over the project and worked overtime to give the project a safe landing. The visitor retention and success of the site made JWT and jetBlue very happy.

“ provided an even more immersive adventure into jetting with plenty of jet-like activities for people to see and do. The site was a success. Millions of people spend an average of nine minutes on the site as opposed to the usual fifty-five seconds.”

For more photos and project details from the campaign creators, creative case studies can be seen at and

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