Two Grand Slams!


Livadas formed and led a team to help a top ad agency win a $150M contract with Sony PlayStation. As a silent out-sourced digital partner, Livadas’ team at StormFrog helped industry-leading agencies like Deutsch Inc. impress in their most critical pitches with careers and 9-figure contracts at stake.

After presenting our jaw-dropping digital proof-of-concepts, Deutsch won Agency of Record for Sony PlayStation and Saturn in the very same day.

As a result of these homeruns, Livadas’ interactive team earned more at-bats, knocking out dozens of rich media banner ads for PlayStation. About the Sony projects Livadas said, “I loved working with my team to meet the challenges of animating and compressing high-touch cinematic animations into tight publisher requirements. It didn’t seem real until we were noticing StormFrog’s rich media expandable banners and page takeovers on the video game industry’s largest networks like IGN, Kotaku, and GameSpot.”

Saturn POC

PlayStation POC

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