Starting Up
From Scratch

People with a healthy ego enjoy the unique challenge of starting up from scratch. Adapt Courseware started as coffee-talk in 2011, and grew into an innovative world-class organization by 2014.


Livadas had numerous responsibilities and victories as Vice President of Digital Media at Adapt Courseware. Play the accordion to learn all about it.

Successful brand strategy execution helped establish credibility by demonstrating deep capabilities. Developing the Adapt Courseware brand ecosystem was key to accomplishing business goals.
Livadas worked with the C-suite to conceive, design, and publish marketing materials including:

Office Sign

Office Signs

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Printed Collateral

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Promotional Videos

PowerPoint and Keynote presentations

PowerPoint / Keynote Presentations

Business cards

Business Cards

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Access Cards & Packaging


“Livadas’ role has evolved as the company has grown. He was integral to developing our very effective demo, which has substantial programming as well as art aspects. This demo was indeed central to raising money and getting initial (and current)_ customer interest.” – Mark Brodsky, CEO

During his tenure, Nik Livadas managed the development, maintenance, and analyses of the corporate website and social media traffic.

Time: < 4 months
Cost: < $10,000

Livadas Consulting architected and managed front-end and back-end development of the initial prototype. Working prototype features included:

  • Asynchronous video messaging
  • Screen capture and drawing tools
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • Instructor dashboard
  • Legacy and cross-browser support to IE6
  • 12 custom game-like Activities
  • Adaptive content delivery
  • Student mastery metrics

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Time: < 2 months
Cost: < $10,000

Hired, managed, and directed designers and voice talent to produce a sample units on Psychology, Earth Science, and College Math. Formed an in-house motion design team to hand-illustrate and animate 8 sample videos, animated WIIFM intros, and textbook quality PDF lecture notes.

Livadas co-created and co-coordinated the Get Paid To Study program.

Student testing at MCC

  • Recruited hundreds of students to:
    • Test the prototype.
    • Take AP/CLEP exams.
    • Provide “Early Adapter” feedback in 3 types of learning environments:
      • Proctored (Students observed using the courseware)
      • Blended (Faculty uses course in class)
      • Distance learning
    • Managed online reporting including:
      • Surveys
      • Deep analytics
      • User-friendly reports
    • Interview the students and faculty to produce testimonial videos.

Feedback was unanimously positive as Adapt Courseware experienced unprecedented student enthusiasm and learning outcomes. The testimonial videos demonstrated the student’s success and contagious faculty enthusiasm:

  • Served as IT support for the growing team.
  • Handled all purchasing and technical issues related to hardware and software.
  • Internet
  • Email
  • Hosting and Domains
  • Courseware USBNs and Access Codes
  • Telephones
  • Smart TV displays
  • Selected the paint and furniture!

Co-coordinated a smooth office relocation so team members experienced little to no downtime. New employees (even if remote) were always ready to begin working on the start of their first day.

Adapt Courseware was recognized by prospective investors for its interactive demo, smart branding, market enthusiasm, and revolutionary disruptive growth potential. A longtime associate of the CEO was moved by the vision and provided Super Angel funding to Adapt Courseware. This was the beginning of a legacy-defining journey to improve the effectiveness of eLearning and making it more accessible.

When Seed funding was secured, Livadas’ responsibilities with content and platform were board-appointed to its trusted teams in CT and LA. Adapt Courseware also lightened Livadas’ load by hiring a technical specialist to handle ‘infrastructure and computer guy’ support for the global team of 100+ FTEs.

As right-hand man to the Founder, CEO John Boersma, Livadas still had much to do. In addition to producing Inbound Marketing campaigns with Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Social Media management, and Custom Activity Development, Livadas helped startup 2 sister companies at Adapt Courseware in one year: Adapt Medical Education and JumpCourse.

Adapt Medical Education
Investors witnessed the value of Adapt Courseware and envisioned how the platform and content would disrupt their business. A top fertility office worked with Livadas’ team to develop a new Patient Education business, Adapt Medical Education.

JumpCourseJumpCourse is a new student-centric path to earning transferable college credit. Livadas commuted to Las Vegas and worked with specialists to develop the brand ecosystem, PPC and inbound marketing campaigns, first eCommerce website, and directed social media efforts.

Other Victories:

In 2014 the board parted ways with Livadas before closing the Pittsford, NY office and relocating the headquarters to their new 2.5 acre office complex in Las Vegas.

“At Adapt Courseware, we climbed mountains of details to reach a new field full of potential. Helping the team at Adapt Courseware bloom into a fully fledged operation producing unprecedented learning outcomes was extremely gratifying.”

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