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Meet the Marketing Interns

You may have noticed our last Updates blog post was a call for interns. We’re pleased to announce that our squad has now scaled to include Abigail Austin and Sandra Malinowski! Abby and Sandy are two Rochester Institute of Technology students we are happy to be working with us at Carlson Cowork this semester.

While taking Principals of Advertising with Professor Strauber, they’re gaining college credit and gaining “real-world” experience working here at Livadas Consulting. We continue to grow by boosting the online presences of business owners and marketing interns contribute to our mission: “Never stop connecting.”

During their first month, the marketing interns went through a formal onboarding process that began with collaborative training sessions and earning certifications from HubSpot for Inbound Marketing.

We’re getting to know them better as we work together with them on Social Media Management, Pay Per Click Management, and Content Marketing campaigns. Here are their responses from our modern Q&A:

Abby Austin

Abby Austin

Rochester NY

Sandra Malinowski

Washington DC

Abby AustinI spend a lot of time at Canandaigua lake during the summer months. Rochester is located close to so many finger lakes and they are all so beautiful and relaxing! We also have a ton of museums and restaurants downtown. Park Ave is a great street to walk down on a nice night.
Sandy MalinowskiSince I wasn’t born here I am still discovering Rochester and what it has to offer. I do enjoy exploring any and all natural wonders that NY has to offer like Corbett’s Glen or the Erie Canal. Staying in Rochester for school has allowed me to explore the area.
Abby AustinMy age group is right on the edge of millennials and generation z. We have less experience working with traditional practices and more of new media work. Millennials are the transitioners from traditional to new media and we fall right on the edge. I am excited for all of the Generation Z members to enter the workforce because I know we all have a lot of new and exciting ideas for digital marketing!
Sandy MalinowskiNo. To be honest I don’t understand the generational labeling except for the baby boomers but other than that it’s just a label that someone came up with. Also the year I was born in is still disputed as to which generation it falls in. Some argue I belong to Generation Z (millennial Generation) and some argue its Generation Y, but it’s all just names that aren’t worth quibbling over.
Abby AustinI would love to work in the advertising/digital marketing field, preferably in a city further south (maybe the Carolinas). As a hobby for my adult life, I am interested in house flipping. It seems fun to redesign an entire house and sell it for profit!
Sandy MalinowskiI’ve always thought it would be fun to be the creative director for Vogue or W or even for a small company. I’m still playing with the idea of starting up my own business like a pastry shop on Park Ave.
Abby Austin The concepts from marketing/advertising classes seem to all apply. We’ve studied a lot of traditional marketing practices and how they are evolving into new media marketing.
Sandy MalinowskiMarketing, advertising concepts for sure. A lot of the terminology from those classes carried over. Additionally, the concepts and practices from my consulting class in school are definitely applicable.
Abby AustinThere are new people to talk with every day, everyone has a unique story that they are all willing to share. There are so many different fields in one building; which creates many opportunities to expand knowledge and network.
Sandy MalinowskiCool. I like that everyone is doing their own independent projects but at the same time, it’s like a collaboration space that everyone is welcome to.
Abby AustinSnapchat! I love to send updates throughout my day to my family and friends. It allows me to interact in real time with the people I can’t see every day.
Sandy MalinowskiPinterest. I am a Pinterest addict and if someone took that away I don’t know how I would cope.
Abby AustinI love to watch videos made by world travelers. Technology has made it easy for anyone to create professional looking videos. It’s fun to live vicariously through these travelers and dream of seeing the world one day too!
Sandy MalinowskiOther than my personal brand video any other videos I watch on Youtube consists of indie movie trailers, foreign music clips and french comedy sketches.
Abby AustinGuilty Soles! How could I not love all the shoe shopping (I mean marketing research) that we get to do here? P.S. check out their online store 😉 guiltysoles.com
Sandy MalinowskiBalaji Palace. It’s a beautiful resort that is so amazing, I’m tempted to visit. thebalajipalace.com
Abby AustinWe could highlight the different social media channels and talk about what type of marketing is most successful on each one. Social media is growing rapidly and becoming a prime outlet for digital marketing.
Sandy MalinowskiTo help business owners improve their online presence we could talk about some of the largest growing social platforms that could be utilized by businesses. We could also discuss how to engage your audience through social media and create a relationship.


We’d like to thank Professor Barry Strauber, one of the “founding fathers” of our shared workspace at Carlson Cowork for connecting us with his class. We’d also like to thank Shauna Newcomb, Career Services Coordinator at RIT for helping students like Abby and Sandy connect with the Rochester business community.

Sandy and Abby are among the latest generation of Rochesterians with innovation in their DNA. Try to keep up with these two as we bushwhack through the neo-jungle that is digital marketing.

Abby Austin’s Personal Brand Video

Sandra Malinowski’s Personal Brand Video

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