June 23, 2016 Nik Livadas

Fantastic Tactics: 4 Marketers Evaluated the Performance of 50 Content Marketing Tactics

Fantastic Content Marketing Tactics

This is the second half of a marketing research project here at Carlson Cowork. 4 marketers born in 4 different decades agreed and also differed on which Marketing Tactics will give you the best bang for your buck. We leveraged the collaborative culture at Carlson Cowork and discovered that our combined feedback shed some light on the most worthwhile content-marketing tactics. When you quantifiably average our 4 experiences (without handicapping), you will get different answers to the same question: What marketing tactics are most effective?

In this follow-up post to 4 Marketers Evaluated 50 Content Marketing Tactics, we expand on our findings and offer the best performing marketing tactics considering the effort that’s usually required. You’ll find what could be the ‘low-hanging fruit’ that most small businesses should be looking at as they prepare for the second half of 2016.

Our Quantified Evaluations:

Our ratings assume that the tactics were executed appropriately.


Four open-minded marketing experts representing 4 different generational decades and 4 different backgrounds took part. All are entrepreneurs running disparate marketing-focused ventures from Carlson Cowork in Rochester, NY.


  • Ginny – Contract Chief Marketing Officer
  • Nik – Full-Stack Inbound Marketing Agency Owner
  • Jessica – Brand Voice Specialist
  • Paul – Hidden Web & PPC Guru
Our individual evaluations of 50 content marketing tactics were collected and analyzed during Q1 of 2016. Once base data had been gathered, we spent a few weeks comparing notes and running numbers to determine which content marketing tactics would emerge as high performers. In part one of our findings we found out what the top 4 low/high effort content marketing tactics and the top 5 low/high impact.
  • Nik: tie: Memes, Predictions, Quotes
  • Paul: tie: Content Curation, Memes
  • Ginny: tie: Dictionaries, Community Outreach (Forums), Giveaways, Quotes, Memes
  • Jess: tie: Mind Maps, Pinterest Boards, Resources
  • Quantified Group Average: Quotes (1.75/10)
    (Sharing inspiration aligned with the brand to resonate)
These tactics were given a 10/10 on amount of effort required.

  • Nik: tie: Helpful Apps, Online Tools, Online Games
  • Paul: tie: Case Studies, Community Outreach, Forums, Helpful Apps, Online Tools, Original Research
  • Ginny: Videos
  • Jess: tie: Ebooks, Online Games
  • Group Average: Original Research (9.25/10)
  • Nik: Press Releases (4/10)
  • Paul: tie: Content Curation, Quotes (1/10)
  • Ginny: tie: Book Summaries, Dictionaries, Mind Maps, Quizzes, Resources, Templates, Timelines, Translation (4/10)
  • Jess: tie: Mind Maps, Pinterest Boards, Resources (0/10)
  • Quantified Group Average: Content Curation (4/10)
These tactics got the highest score, 10/10.

  • Nik: tie: Tool Reviews, User Generated Content, Translation, How To’s, Optimized Website Content (SEO), Helpful Apps, Online Tools, Online Games (10/10)(
  • Paul: tie: Case Studies, Community Outreach, Forums, Helpful Apps, Online Tools, Original Research (10/10)
  • Ginny: Videos (10/10)
  • Jess: tie: Memes, Translation, Videos, Podcasts, Ebooks, Online Games (10/10)
  • Quantified Group Average: Videos (9.75/10)
  2. Memes
  3. Press Releases
  4. Lists
  5. Content Curation
  6. Dictionaries
  7. Company News
  8. FAQs
  9. Photo Collages
  10. Polls
  11. Q&A Sessions
  12. Email Newsletters,
  13. “A Day in the Life” Posts
  14. Opinion Posts
  15. Pinterest Boards
  16. Roundup Posts
  17. Social Media Publishing
  18. User Generated Content
  19. Community Outreach, Forums
  20. Quizzes
  21. Predictions
  22. Charts, Graphs
  23. Giveaways
  24. Surveys
  25. Photos (Gallery)
  26. Mind Maps
  27. Dynamic Data-Driven Content
  28. Interviews
  29. Webinars
  30. Slideshares
  31. Tool Reviews
  32. Timelines
  33. Resources
  34. Book Summaries
  35. Vlog
  36. Cartoons, Illustrations
  37. Podcasts
  38. How To`s
  39. Infographics
  40. Translation
  41. Guides
  42. Case Studies
  43. WhitePapers
  44. Templates
  45. Optimized Website
    Content (SEO)
  46. Videos
  47. Online Games
  48. Helpful Apps, Online Tools
  49. Ebooks
  50. Original Research

Your Takeaways?

How do our experiences with digital marketing tactics compare with yours?
Please leave us a comment and share your experiences.

About the Fantastic 4

Ginny Brandreth
How the world sees a company, an organization or a person happens because of marketing – intentionally or not. Thoughtful marketing is very powerful. A disregard for marketing can be devastating. Too often companies focus on one or two tactics (like a website and a Facebook page) because they are obvious and seemingly easy but not understanding that without a cohesive plan and logical execution their company will not see the benefit of even the most basic efforts.

I founded Brandrethworks as a contract marketing service because I saw the need for companies and organizations to have a strategic marketer on their team who could provide direction then implement it, as if they had a direct hire, but without the payroll or long-term commitment.

Paul Gallipeau
Honesty and compassion are the two tenets that guide everything I do personally and professionally.
I am a digital strategist specializing in pay-per-click advertising. My ad copy is irresistible and I don’t sell middle-of-the-road service packages. Hiring me is more like a non-stop flight on a private jet. Your company, your strategy, and your goals are what guide everything I do and create for you.

Jess Heatly
I’m a content marketer to the core, and I’ve been helping small businesses to build their content assets since 2004. My perspective on content incorporates concepts related to branding, search-engine visibility, website development, and editorial consistency. My career began at a daily newspaper but quickly evolved into the realm of new media as I gained notoriety as a blogger. I took a deep dive into branding at a full-service marketing firm, and after 4 years of agency work, I launched my first company — an SEO firm. Eventually I went in-house to lead the marketing team for a major ecommerce retailer. At Carlson Cowork, I’m returning to my roots with Next Level Content and focusing solely on helping inspired entrepreneurs publish meaningful content.

Nik Livadas
The digital marketing landscape is a neo-jungle of vinelike APIs, savvy netizens, and seemingly endless opportunities. As a well-rounded native, I’ve developed the acumen required to chief various tech-tribes — 1.0 & 2.0 web-firms, eCommerce shops, eLearning providers, and adaptive eduTech startups. Since 2001, I’ve helped savvy CEOs and CMOs from NYC to LA conceive and execute award-winning digital, automate action after analysis, and ultimately make an exit.

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